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Modern Art of Snuff Bottle

An Inside Painted Snuff Bottle, Autumn Sentiment, Rock Crystal by Zhang Zenlou in 2013

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Collection of D.D Art snuff bottle by Zhang Zenlou
Collection of D.D Art snuff bottle. Front Side

《Weekly art Appreciation on D.D Art's collection》

For this work, the painter, Zhang Zenlou uses the method of the so-called "Aerial Perspective" for the main structure. As seen, the layers are separated by the dense fog within the mountains, and the orange color is the principal tone to depict the emotion around the valley. This work combines Western painting methods, a style emphasizing impressionism, and Chinese soft and vigorous brushwork using to demonstrate the unique feeling of autumn. In addition to "reproduction," this work emphasizes the "expression" of the human being in the nature. The painter dynamically depicts the look of the autumn valley from the author's perspective. The waterfall is fast, as seen in the left and far side of the bottle, when the spring cascade into the mountain rock as if the scene of the water seethed is under the falls. The painter shows the majesty of the waterfall with solid brushstrokes. In addition, the near point on the right side of the picture depicts the slow stream with figurative blue paint to reveal the near side that is close up to the author.

Collection of D.D Art snuff bottle. Reverse Side
Collection of D.D Art snuff bottle. Reverse Side

Mr. Zhang Zenglou chose this rock hair crystal snuff bottle to express the scenery of the day that near autumn. The clouds, mists, and fine hair crystals coexist to match the author's excellent painting skills. While savoring this piece, it just as if we are sit next to and relish the beauty of autumn. The small snuff bottle is not only a craft but also the state of mind conveyed by the author. The inside-painted snuff bottle is not only a handicraft but also a work of art.

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