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The Story of D.D Art snuff bottle

In 2020, D.D Art was established in locally Taiwan by a young snuff bottle collector, Po Han Chen (David) and a reputable snuff bottle inside painter Xu Liwei. It is currently one of the world's most prominent online art blogs and appreciation platforms for snuff bottles.

Po Han Chen is an enthusiastic and new blood Taiwanese snuff bottle collector. He possesses much of the modern inside painted snuff bottle that is family collections passed down from his grandfathers. During the year 2019, it was the first time for him to contact this beautiful art form while studying in CPUL at Beijing (China university of political and law), the best law and politics school in China. At that moment, he saw the inside painted snuff bottle in Beijing Street; he fell in love with this art form at first immediately.


Since then, he has engaged in studying this art form out of interest. Initially, he found minimal sources about inside painted snuff bottles on the internet. Only a few famous scholars such as Hugh Moss, Peter Bentley and so on have done systematic research, most of which are in hard copy and published a long time ago. In addition, the informatics knowledge is only in the Chinese version. It was not until he received the family collection of modern and old snuff bottles that Po Han put forward an idea regarding founding an online platform to gather and write down all the knowledge, updating it in the latest. In late 2020, Po Han invited Xu Liwei to become his expert in consulting and cooperate with building D.D Art. 

Happy Young Man

Founder / Operation and E-commerce

Po Han Chen (David)

Years of  trading and being the senior collector of snuff bottle.

Daily operation and blog composing and art promotion as well.

About Xu Liwei, a snuff bottle artist

Xu Liwei (Dylan Xu) is one of Wang Xisan best apprentices out of 52 in the Hebei School. As the only Taiwanese, Xu Liwei is locally known as the “First person of inside painting in Taiwan”. After several years of learning from the others snuff bottle masters in Ji School, such as Fu Guoshun, Zhang Rucai, Zhang Zenglou, and so on, he has formed a solid knowledge required for being a master. His paintings are known for their calligraphy skills and Taiwan’s themes. The “Daifuku” and “Shanju Qiumin” are currently exhibited in Hengshui Inside Painting Art Museum in Hebei Province. His reputation in the field is widespread. Many snuff bottle collectors have been relying on him for selecting great art pieces.

So far, Xu Liwei has been interviewed by most major media in both China and Taiwan. For example, Hangzhou TV Station, Hebei TV Station, Shandong TV Station. Apart from China, Taiwan Media also came one after another, such as China TV Station, Minshi TV Station, Sanli TV Station, Apple TV Station, United Daily News, etc. His reputation in the field is widespread. Many snuff bottle collectors have been relying on him for selecting great art pieces.

In conclusion, both Xu Liwei and Po Han Chen have the same goal to promote this artwork both at home and abroad. With a deep understanding of inside painting and vigorous interest, D.D Art can be an excellent resource for global snuff bottle collectors and new art collectors.

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