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A Story of D.D Art snuff bottle

Art collecting is the most exciting venture in the world. On the trip, You will never get bored, and there will never be an end. Your life will be bright because of the endless journey of learning. From the snuff bottle, we can see the variety and exquisiteness of Chinese craftsmanship. The inside painting is the best way to sneak a peek at traditional Chinese painting, coming from the spiritual hands of the royal craftsmen, blending the skills of traditional Chinese painting. Such a subtle beauty could be held in your hand. 


The historical heritage is also the sublimation of one's own culture during the journey: small bottle, but the big world. Collecting the modern arts should only choose exquisite, top-notch, bear in mind, don't collect too many regular works, which will affect your aesthetics. Every piece of our artwork is unique, looking for a suitable collector. D.D Art, we provide the highest quality snuff bottle collection. 

The founder of D.D Art. Po Han Chen and Xu Liwei

About Xu Liwei, a snuff bottle artist

Xu Liwei (Dylan Xu) is one of Wang Xisan best apprentices out of 52 in the  Ji School. As the only Taiwanese, Xu Liwei is locally known as the “First person of inside painting in Taiwan”. After several years of learning from the other snuff bottle masters in Ji School, such as Fu Guoshun, Zhang Zenglou, Li Yingtao and so on, he has formed a solid knowledge required for being a master. His paintings are known for their calligraphy skills and Taiwan’s themes. The “Daifuku” and “Shanju Qiumin” are currently exhibited in Hengshui Inside Painting Art Museum in Hebei Province. His reputation in the field is widespread. Many snuff bottle collectors have been relying on him to select great art pieces. The upper picture is the founder, Po Han Chen and Xu Liwei, in the Taipei snuff Bottle exhibition 2021.

Xu Liwei has been interviewed by most major media in both China and Taiwan. For example, Hangzhou TV Station, Hebei TV Station, Shandong TV Station. Apart from China, Taiwan Media also came one after another, such as China TV Station, Minshi TV Station, Sanli TV Station, Apple TV Station, United Daily News, etc. His reputation in the field is widespread. Many snuff bottle collectors have been relying on him to select great art pieces.

With a deep understanding of inside painting and vigorous interest, we believe, D.D Art can be an excellent resource for global snuff bottle collectors and new art collectors.


Small Bottle, Big World