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Modern Art of Snuff Bottle

Fu Guoshun: a master with solid Chinese academic culture

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Fu Guoshun, snuff bottle, artist
Artist: Fu Guoshun

Fu Guoshun (pen name Yiqing 一青, Yixin 一新, Mumeng 牧夢) was born at Hebei in 1954. He was complimented as a Master of Chinese arts and crafts in 2012. It is the highest honor for an inside painting artist. There are only ten artists who earned this glory. He is also the director of China International Painting and Calligraphy Association, vice chairman of China Snuff Bottle Professional Committee, and vice-chairman of Hebei Inside painted snuff bottle Association. Since 1977, he has been studying the art of inside painting under Wang Xisan. Fu Guoshun is one of the best artists in Ji school.

The features of Fu Guoshun's work

Mr Fu Guoshun's inside paintings are exquisite. His works include landscapes, figures, animals, flowers, and birds to calligraphy with comprehensive skills. In addition, his professions are known for their elegance, flexibility, and light. With the three superb skills of poetry, calligraphy, and painting, there are only a handful of artists who can match up in the field of snuff bottles. It is difficult to find other artists who could compare his paintings from an artistic perspective when it comes to inside painted snuff bottles. Most of inside painters are merely craftsmen.

However, Fu Guoshun inherits the traditional fine painting technique and studies the new way of art expression. He inscribed poems and paintings by himself. The painting expresses the sense of poetry and, at the same time, explains the painting with poetry. Poems and paintings complement each other and are harmoniously expressed on the carrier of the snuff bottle. In addition, calligraphy plays a key role in his amazing artwork. The interaction of poetry, calligraphy, and painting forms the unique Guoshun artistic style.

Solid literary and Chinese culture accumlation

What's more, with Fu Guoshun's long-term literary accumulation and artistic cultivation, his talents are many and varied. The art of inside painting has been achieved to a higher level due to his academic excellence. His work can convey the will and can always express his feelings, from the length of the poems, and the style of the poems, to make the paintings more spiritual. With his rich literary base, he pushed the art of inside paintings into a brand-new poetic realm.

His snuff bottle journey is continuing

Fu Guoshun's inside painted works have won gold awards at international fairs three times, first-class national awards five times, and provincial awards more than ten times. Both CCTV and Phoenix Satelite TV have produced detailed reports and published and introduced works in "Nanyang Business Daily'', "China Collection" and other domestic and foreign newspapers. He has been included in the "World Chinese Literature and Art Circles'' Celebrities and other books with his talent and reputation. In 2007, he was also appraised as "Outstanding Talent in the New Century'' by the China Talent Research Association.

So far, Fu Guoshun has been invited to visit more than 20 countries and regions such as Japan and the United States. He has been dubbed "China's craft Master" and "Picasso of the World in Inside Painting" by Japan's Asahi Shimbun and the U.S. "Such reputation has made him a glorious chapter in his career. We believe he will keep moving forward and create a new page for his artist life.

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