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Modern Art of Snuff Bottle

Li Yingtao: Master of Splashing color inks

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Li Yingtao, snuff bottle, artist, D.D Art
Artist: Li Yingtao

Li Yingtao, an owner of Yizhenzhai (一珍齋), was born in Hengshui City in 1963. He was praised as a Chinese master of splashing color in inside painting, a Master of Arts and crafts in Hebei Province, and the founder of splashing color techniques in inside painting. By now, he has been teaching and passing down this technique to his students.

Mr, Li Yingtao is one of the most outstanding disciples of the master of Chinese arts and crafts, Wang Xisan. The splash-color works are his greatest feature. It is hard to find others who can compare with him in this skill. He uses color inks of different textures in the paintings to splash, overlap, deposit, and ink-flow when dissolved in water. These form a rich texture of various clouds and mountains.

The unique skill: Splash color ink

Meanwhile, the colorwork is operated with the brushwork of hooks, smears, dots, and dyes. Li Yingtao's paintings are not only "Xieyi," but also "Gongbi." Therefore, YingTao's works are known for their artistic style of grand boundaries, bold and unconstrained ink, color versatility, visual beauty, and unique innovation. This artistic style in his painting forms a strong visual inspiration, particularly when depicting the lotus pond flower shadows or painting light and dark. His excellent skill in the inside painting has caused a huge impact on the art style of inside painting. This technique even opens up a new artistic expression method. For the painting subjects, his works are mainly lotus, emerald birds, and animals.

Li Yingtao has been invited to many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to have an overseas exhibition and give academic lectures. Currently, hundreds of his works are collected by professional institutions and collectors. Several monographs and books have been published. His splash-color works have also won many awards such as "Gold Award of the "Hundred Flowers Award" of China Arts," "the Gold Award of the Hundred Flowers Cup" of the Chinese Arts and Crafts Master in international fine art Fair, and the Gold Award of the China Folk Arts and Crafts exhibition more than ten times. His works are included in the collection of "Hebei Folklore Museum" and many national museums as well.

The value of Li Yingtao's snuff bottle

The value of Li Yingtao works has been increasing over the years. Many collectors have targeted his artwork as a treasure collection. In 2010, the "Autumn mist in the Lotus Pond" splash-colored work was sold for 78,400 RMB in the autumn auction of Beijing Bonhams Snuff Bottle. In 2015, inside the painted glass "Lotus Pond" snuff bottle, his work was sold for 140,000 RMB in the Christie's. Two times lot price released has been clear evidence of the market value of his paintings.

Recommend Books

  • Li Yingtao Color-Splashed Inside Painting , Author: Yeo Kong Hoo, published in HK

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