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The Chinese Art of Ji School in Inside Painting: the directory pupils of Wang Xisan

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

As reading the article by Peter Bentley, it lists all the direct pupils of Wang Xisan. However, the chart shows in Chinese instead of English. Some of the English natives sent a letter asking whether we do have the English version of the pupil list. Therefore, we decided to take on the translation responsibility. In the article, it is directly translated from Peter’s picture without changing the order. In addition, I put the Chinese and English at the same time. I hope you find it helpful and easy to read and to do a cross-reference. The direct students of Wang Xisan are the most prominent painter in the field of inside painting. Their work is worth collecting and has higher value in the art and investment perspective market.

The English & Chinese name of the pupils

D.D Art's translation on Direct Pupils of Wang Xisan in Ji School
D.D Art's translation on Direct Pupils of Wang Xisan in Ji School

The following is presented in text instead of the picture. Some of the artists we have written about have underlined and linked it. If you find it interested, don't hesitate to click.

•1968: 王百川 Wang Bai-chuan.

•1969: 王冠宇 Wang,Guan-yu, 陳潤璞 Chen,Run-pu, 劉子藝 Liu,Zi-yi, 劉雙青 Liu,Shuang-qing, 索振海 Suo,Zhen-hai, 多山玲 Duo,Shan-ling.

•1973: 張汝財 Zhang,Rucai, 董昆 Dong,Kun, 劉和平 Liu,Han-ping, 多成雲 Duo,Cheng-yun, 姚景卿 Yao,Jing-qing, 鑾文娟 Luan,Wen-juan 王千 Wang,Qian, 劉廣智 Liu,Guang-zhi, 倪世玲 Ni,Shi-ling, 劉鐵琴 Liu,Tie-qin.

•1977: 董雪 Dong,Xue, 付國順 Fu,Guoshun, 張增樓 Zhang,Zenglou.

•1980: 盧俊為 Lu,Jun-wei, 艾琦 Ai,Qi, 王春光 Wang,Chun-guang, 孫建國 Sun,Jian-guo ( Sun, Samson ), 曹慧敏 Cao,Hui-mi, 魏建民 Wei,Jian-min, 由風華 You,Feng-hua, 葉愛萍 Ye,Ai-ping, 李英濤 Li YingTao, 張鐵山 Zhang,Tie-shan, 宋于影 Song,Yu-ying 張玉明 Zhang,yu-min, 崔利華 Cui,Li-hua.

•After 1980: 劉藝子 Liu,Yi-zi, 蘇風翼 Su,Feng-yi, 盧建廣 Lu,Jian-guang 鄭世魁 Zheng,Shi-kui, 黃三 Huang San, 婁嘉文 Lu,Jia-wen, 劉暉 Liu,Hui, 康占營 Kang,Zhan-ying, 賈建明 Jia,Jian-ming, 張興傑 Zhang,Xing-jie, 王海麗 Wang,Hai-li, 王東瑞 Wang,dong-rui, 侯雁顏 Hou,Yan-yan, 許立緯 Xu Liwei ( The founder of D.D Art).

•2005: 金一鳴 Jin,Yi-ming 董欣惠 Dong,Xin-hui, 姜文春 Jiang,Wen-chun, 李如琛 Li,Ru-chen, 王自勇 Wang,Zi-yong.

No more official students after 2005. The introduction to every artist listed above will be added gradually. Subscribe D.D Art for the updates ( In the last section of every page, you can find the subscribe form ).

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