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Modern Art of Snuff Bottle

Huang San: a master in Human Figure field

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Huang San, snuff bottle, artist
Artist: Huang San

Huang San (Real name: Huang Shuangshui) was born in Hebei Province in 1963. He is a master of arts and crafts of Hebei Province. In his early years, he engaged in traditional Chinese painting, and the art system training during learning had laid a solid foundation for Huang San. In 1979, the painting "Partner" was exhibited at the Hebei New Year Painting Observation Meeting. In 1985, his comic strip "The Birth of a Stethoscope" had won the second prize of the Hebei Provincial Department of Health Art Exhibition. However, this skill was applied to inside painting attainments. Furthermore, he inherited the skills directly from the master Wang Xisan. He was newly elected as a Master of Chinese arts and crafts in the field of inside painted snuff bottle in 2022.

The features of Huang San's work

Huang San’s ink portraits show strong three-dimensional visual effects. He introduces the drawing method of sketching and reforms the traditional brushwork of outline and washes painting. He also innovates the drawing technique of the ink portrait painting with overlapping ink lines. He uses different dimensions, long, thick, thin, to express structure, color, texture, light, and shadow. It enhances the sense of hierarchy and space in the picture, enriches the artistic effects, and greatly enhances the expression of the painting.

His human figure work is more than a painting

Huang San has carried out in-depth and meticulous thinking and speculation toward the ideological character objects, trying to capture the traits in the instant detail changes. It makes the drawn characters more vivid, as if they are before us. Huang San has won praise from his teacher Wang Xisan: "The use of ink is divided into five colors, depicting seven emotions of the character. His human portrait is both spiritual and lifelike." His works are not simply transferred and copied from the picture; he uses his mind to experience and capture the details and create a character image with vitality and personality. At the same time, the character is cooperated with clothing, appliances, and other objects, to reflect the corresponding historical era, the style, and features of ethnic regions. His technique on the human subject is unrivaled

In conclusion

Since 2000, Haung San has been to Hong Kong twice a year to participate in snuff bottle fairs, making his works popular among celebrity collectors. In 2010, a large-scale solo exhibition was held in Beijing Tianya Antique City-"2010 Huang Sannei Painting Exhibition", "Beijing Times," "Beijing Evening News" and other 15 Beijing print media have reported on these, Beijing Youth Channel, Public Channel, and China Unicom had interviews in China. In 2011, "Collection" magazine and "Eastern Collection" magazine all reported Mr. Huang San's artistic achievements. At present, his portrait works are often collected by experts and collectors both domestic and overseas, whom all regard his snuff bottle treasures on the international market.

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