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Delivery Policy

After you have paid for your property, the final step is to make shipping arrangements.

For shipping, you can choose to arrange shipping through D D Art approved shippers or use your forwarder or come and take in person.

We tend to use our shipper for safety concerns. If use our shipper, the final price is included in the delivery fee. Once we received the payment, we will ship the artwork to the buyers. This process will be conducted via the quailed express, making sure the artwork will not be damaged. If you would like to use your forwarder, please contact us directly before making the payment. We will adjust the deducted price for you.


Items are usually delivered within 3 business days of payment clearance, and once the delivery information is confirmed, you will receive an email with a confirmation number to track the status of your delivery. If you have any questions about delivery or you require special assistance, please contact us before checkout. Estimated arriving days will be within 7 days. 


Please notes that the buyer has the right to choose their reliable express. However, we don't promise the possible damage during the delivery. Both parties are free to buy insurance for the shipment. 

Ship from Seller

D.D Art received

Ship to Buyer

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