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Payment Process

Every item's final price is included in the delivery fee and is based on US dollars. If you prefer to use your forwarder, please contact us before making the payment. D.D Art will deduct the price. After two days of payment clearance, we will arrange the good in three days. There is no way to send the artwork before the payment. We will take a video when packing the artwork, sending it to the buyer to ensure the packing has no problem. Regarding the tax issue, we have signed a contract with our accounting firm based in the US. The president of MARKHOR, Michael Swanson, is our long-term partnership. Regarding any tax on importing Art will be with their advisory.

Please notes that Trust is the root of any business. We only do business with that reliable client. A long relationship is a must.

We accept: 


1. WeChat pay ( RMB )

2. Credit Card 

3. Bank Transfer ( T/T payment)

All price will be based on US dollar.

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