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Buying and Selling

It’s simple to use our service. Please follow the instructions step by step below. This mechanism is designed to minimize the transaction risk. As an impartial role, we are in charge of the process. Buying service is much more simple. Just sign in and add the artwork to the cart. Fill out the necessary information and make the payment and contact us directly.

However, the service of selling to D.D Art need to follow the instruction below. 

Step 1

Contact us and provide the personal info regarding occupation, provenance and so on.

Step 4

Buyer spotted and pay the deposits, which will be temporary deposited in D.D Art

Step 2

Submit photos of front and back of the product.It takes few days to evaluate.

Step 5

Receiving the artwork, D.D Art will exam and make sure it in correspond with agreement.


Confirm with the offered price and the rules. Artwork will be launched within 1 day.

Step 6

Last payment confirmed. Artwork will be sent and the total price transfered after Buyer receive 24 hours later.

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