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Li Yingtao, an owner of Yizhenzhai, was born in Hengshui City in 1963. He was praised as a Chinese master of splashing color in inside painting, a Master of Arts and crafts in Hebei Province, and the founder of splashing color techniques in inside painting. By now, he has been teaching and passing down this technique to his students.


Mr, Li Yingtao is one of the most outstanding disciples of the master of Chinese arts and crafts, Wang Xisan. The splash-color works are his greatest feature. It is hard to find others who can compare with him in this skill. He uses color inks of different textures in the paintings to splash, overlap, deposit, and ink-flow when dissolved in water. These form a rich texture of various clouds and mountains. Article by D.D Art snuff bottle.


Artist: Li YingTao


Provenance: From the Artist, made in 2010. This one is his masterpiece and can referred to the book of "Chinese Inside-Painting Arts of the Ji School"


Material: Rock crystal

Weight ( no stopper ): 134 g

Height: 8.1 cm

Width: 7.2 cm

Thickness: 2.85 cm.

Inside Painted Glass, " Autumn Mountain" Snuff Bottle by Li Yingtao, 2010