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Ye Zhongsan (1869-1945) was born in the late Qing Dynasty and lived in Beijing his entire life, and the generations in Ye Family were officials at that time. Among the traditional inside painting snuff bottles, Ye Zhongsan is regarded as one of four prominent inside painters in the late Qing Dynasty. He is as famous as Ma Shaoxuan, Zhou Leyuan, and Ding Erzhong. Ye Zhongsan started to learn internal painting when he was 23 years old. His early works were mainly imitating Zhou Leyuan's works, and only after the middle stages did he develop his painting style. Among the painting themes, Ye Zhongsan was particularly good at "traditional figure painting" and was a rare human figure painter in that period. However, to cater to the needs of collectors, Ye Zhongsan still painted landscapes, flowers, birds, etc., and most of which were imitated Zhou Leyuan's works. The character depiction is no doubt the best and classic out of Ye Zhongsan. Article by D.D Art Snuff Bottle.


Artist: Ye ZhongSan

Provenance: From Bonhams Auction

Material: Glass

Weight ( no stopper ): 39 g

Height: 6.2 cm

Width: 3.9 cm

Thickness: 1.75 cm.

Inside Painted Glass Snuff Bottle by Ye Zhongsan, Dated to Late Qing Dynasty