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This work is the fine piece of Mr. Zhang Zenglou. We collected this piece 7 years ago from the artist directly. Dylan Xu particularly appreciated this one. This year, we decided to put on sales to see if any collector would be interested.


The title is "Source of the Spring Water." The front side depicts the nicety gurgling down spring of autumn. By contrast, the reverse side immediately turns to the scene where the stream winds between the valleys, the flowers, and plants pertain to each other. The scene under the brushwork of the artist is full of vitality. The flowing spring water is the soul of the painting. It runs through the whole work and symbolizes the energy of youth. It is worth noting that the vivid landscapes portrayed by the artist are ignorable. The dark rocks and shining vortexes in the mountains and streams are all included without missing. On the contrary, it is fine and ingenious, vivid and attractive at last.



If you savor it carefully from the painting, this piece presents people with a romantic, psychedelic, and unpredictable charm. The color used in his paintings is matched with the lavender of tea glass, which is quite rare work of Mr. Zhang Zenglou.


In symbolism, purple means a noble and optimistic connotation in Chinese culture. It can be seen that from the snuff bottle carrier, compared to the fanciful and exaggerated works. This piece shows a low-profiled and introverted, wealthy and not flashy. The meaning of this work is even more profound. Although he is not young anymore, the artist still retains youthful vitality in his heart, which is endless. This work is indeed a fine artwork by Zhang Zenlou.



Author: Zhang Zenglou

Provenance: From the artist

Material: Glass in Tea color

Weight: (no stopper): 55 g

Height: 5.45 cm

Width: 4.8 cm

Thickness: 2.6 cm

Inside Painted Tea Glass Snuff Bottle by Zhang Zenlou, Year of 2011

  • The shipping fee is covered in the final price. The buyer doesn't have to pay the extra fee. However, if the buyer wants insurance for the work, this charge will not be borne by D.D Art's side. According to our experience, the item will arrive at the buyer's address within 7~14 business days. We will send out the artwork in 3 days after confirming the payment.