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Art of Chinese Inside Painted Snuff Bottle

Here at D.D Art, our experts select only the most fabulous snuff bottles from the most prestigious galleries and artists. We only present the very best one out of a hundred.


Through our snuff bottle blog, this site also provides professional knowledge for all levels of hobbyists.

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Know more Snuff Bottle Artists

Wang Xisan, a snuff bottle master. D.D Art

Wang Xisan

Wang Xisan was born at Beijing in 1938. He is the founder of Ji school in Inside painting, He is also the contemporary Gu Yuexuan artist who was rewarded as the first Chinese arts and crafts master, and also a national inheritor of intangible cultural heritage. Wang Xisan is also the Dean of Inside Painting Art Academy of Hengshui City. His studio has successively used the names of .......

1938 - Present
Frog, inside painted snuff bottle by Li Yingtao.


Planing to buy an inside painted snuff bottle either old or modern in the market? Please feel free to contact us. We offer sincere advice and expertise. Our suggestion could be used as reference when collecting the snuff bottles. D.D Art have over ten years experience in the genre of inside painting as art dealer and artist perspective.

Frog, inside painted snuff bottle by Li Yingtao
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