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Oval shape glass and round shoulder are with a Lemonade color stopper on the top. The ratio of the bottle and cork are in the golden ratio and presents the auspicious symbol of the wealthy in Chinese culture.


The theme of Hundred Children playing has a specific meaning in Chinese traditional culture. It originated from King Wen of Zhou state, who has 100 children when he was alive. Later on, the themes of hundred children were used to mean prosperous and happy and a popular theme for Chinese painters. In China, a country of etiquette, from ancient emperors and scholar-officials to ordinary literati and civilians, they like to use this theme in the artwork because everyone believes that more usually brings blessings.


In this painting, the children play happily, and the artist seizes their actions and the spirit. The image emits no only the expectation toward happiness but also a sense of joy.


This work is a delicate masterpiece by Huang San who is particularly good at human figures.

An inside-painted glass, Hundred Children Playing around snuff bottle

  • Artist: Haung San

    Provenance: From Artist

    Material: Glass

    Weight ( no stopper ): 82 g

    Height: 6.7 cm

    Width: 6.5 cm

    Thickness: 4.05 cm