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Flat shape glass and along with two decorations called animal ear on the side. The burgundy stopper is well interacted with and the painting. 


The front side is the most famous female poet, Li Qingzhao, during the Song Dynasty. She was recognized as an important figure in Chinese poet history. Her works embody the patriotism and the pursuit toward the equality among the gender. It captivates many scholars and mandarin in the successive generation.


On the reverse side is the artist who portrays Zheng Banqiao, a famous scholar, mandarin, and painter in the Qing Dynasty. He was known for the superb three skills (三絕), painting, poem, and writing, considered unrivaled.


The artist Lu JianGuang is a disciple learning directly from Wang Xisan. In this painting, he seized the sublime beauty of the female poet and the unrestrained personality of Zheng Bangqiao.

An inside-painted glass, Protrait of Li Qingzhao and Zheng Banqiao' snuff bottle

  • Artist: Lu JianGuang

    Provenance: (Unknown)

    Material: Glass

    Weight ( no stopper ): 46 g

    Height: 7.6 cm

    Width: 4.8 cm

    Thickness: 2.2 cm