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Short Flat shape glass and a bulge decoration on the side are with a black stopper on the top. This work is the series of Water margin 108 heroes by Huang San.


Water margin, 108 heroes is set in the closing years of the Northern Song dynasty, tells of how a group of 108 outlaws gathers at Mount Liang (or Liangshan Marsh) to form a sizable army before they are eventually granted amnesty by the government and sent on campaigns to resist foreign invaders (Liao) and suppress rebel forces (Fang La). It has introduced readers to many of the best-known characters in Chinese literature.


The front side is one of the heroes in Water margin. It is a portrait of Hua Rong. The novel depicts Hua Rong as handsome-looking with red lips, sparkling white teeth, a narrow waist, and broad shoulders. Deadly with his arrows, he is nicknamed "Little Li Guang" after the Han dynasty general Li Guang, whose skill in archery is legendary. Hua Rong serves as the garrison commandant of Qingfeng Fort (清風寨; in present-day Qingzhou, Shandong) under Liu Gao, the fort's governor. The calligraphy on the reverse side describes the Hua Rong and why he left the Qingfeng fort according to the introduction above. He is known for his arrow’s skills.

An inside-painted glass, Water margin, 108 heroes, Hua Rong snuff bottle

  • Artist: Huang San

    Provenance: From Artist

    Material: Glass

    Weight ( no stopper ): 55 g

    Height: 6.6 cm

    Width: 4.9 cm

    Thickness: 2.4 cm